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/ Aggteleki Szállás



Welcome dear visitor!

Aggtelek peaceful environment , clean air , there are countless opportunities for leisure spending , the unique natural values of underground over the Aggteleki National Park in the heart of the World Heritage throughout the year , is designed as a quiet weekend vacation with the family, even full of a programs adventurous week with friends. We aim to visitors during the time spent with us unforgettable experiences to benefit our environment by becoming familiar with richer and us returning home , the cottage and the area 's reputation take .

Why choose Ladybird Cottage:

  • because this area is very elaborate ...
  • because the food is very tasty ...
  • because ... in a tired body rests
  • they are all beautiful ...
  • because here there is no reason to complain ...

Those who choose this accommodation in the Guest House shall not suffer any shortage of entertainment. Parking in the yard , barbecue , playground, petting zoo comfortable rooms, an outdoor pool, to enhance your entertainment

We offer our guests so far :

  • unique
  • pairs coming from
  • families
  • be free of the grip of stress and a mini spa, wellness
  • honeymoon coming

When you arrive in groups :

  • woods school , school trips
  • Haveri company is a good party
  • his company for training
  • team building
  • out-door training