Katica Vendégház

/ Aggteleki Szállás



The students are :

Our programs were developed using the experience of teaching methods , specific hands-on development of problem solving , increase the sense of responsibility of csapatkohéziót and self-knowledge . Strengthens the "We" consciousness.

Improve communication within the department.


The teacher :

The students can watch an entirely new situation, to better get to know his students . Female students teacher loyalty , deepen the teacher -student relationship .


Our programs offer higher grades in elementary school and middle school students .

Offer detailed development of the teacher discussed with age group, sex composition and other characteristics of the class relation .

We half-day by appointment, or even two-day program organized accommodation , it has ellátással.Gondolkozott cave tour takes you to the class ?

Walk the paved road , lighting , railing , facing right : attraction , left, looks : attraction ...

Young people quickly get bored and start with discipline .

Our extreme barlangtúráink not look like this ...

Guests can experience all the excitement of discovering a cave . Narrow passages like crawling , huge halls, glittering crystal cave lake . Unearthly shapes , like a science fiction .

Experience of a Lifetime virtually no risk is realized as a long intricate cave tour guides service system so familiar to guess without light , but this of course does not take place .